AML/Compliance regime development

We build your AML/Compliance program by drafting up the required policies and procedures like AML/CTF manual, Risk assessment, Sanctions and ABC. We also assist in amending your current ones to be compliant with the current regulations.

Manage Compliance Program

We allocate our CAMS certified specialists to manage your compliance program for you including but not limited to transaction monitoring, investigations and filing reports to FINTRAC.

AML/Compliance effectiveness review

We conduct a thorough AML/Compliance effectiveness review to your program as mandated by FINTRAC every 2 years. We also provide solutions to any findings in our review for an additional fee.

Regulatory exams (FINTRAC/AMF)

We assist by prepping you for the exam interview as well as helping you gather all the necessary reports/documents to be presented for the exam. We also draft up an action plan to address any findings from your exam.

Bank onboarding/Audit

We assist with your bank onboarding and also prep you for the banking audit process by helping you gather all the necessary reports/documents to be presented for the audit.

Compliance officer or CAMLO

We assign one of our CAMS certified AML specialist to act as your Compliance officer or Chief AML officer depending on your needs.
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AMF Respondent

We assign one of our team members in Quebec to act as your AMF respondent for communication and document filing purposes between your company and the AMF.


We draft the training manual as well as the annual training courses for your company. We also provide training to your compliance officer, the board of directors, AML specialists and the 1st line of defense.

Other advisory services

We introduce your business to our approved third party vendors who can assist with the automation of KYC or transaction monitoring to meet the regulatory requirements.